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Sab Losy is an SFEDI*-accredited coach with more than 40 years’ experience as a business owner, manager, coach and mentor. Sab is an approved Growth coach, and has worked across the UK and Europe with nearly 1,000 businesses to date.

Sab has worked in a number of business development roles, using his contacts and coaching expertise to create growth initiatives and building and running sector-specific networks across Cheshire and the North West for a range of partners and clients, including Business Link. He has managed and delivered growth programmes, resulting in:

 Intensive coaching and support for more than 400 businesses.

 A programme-wide 17.5% increase in turnover and 62.5% rise in operating profit.

 Generated £9.6 million of capital investment.

Sab Losy Consultancy is in its 5th year of business, providing coaching, mentoring and training for SMEs, entrepreneurs and managers looking for rapid, sustainable growth and development.

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* SFEDI is the Government’s Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative.