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"Sab has worked with us
from the very beginning
helping us to save and
make money. His support
has been invaluable to
our business and its
resulting success"

Bruno Tollot,
Cocktail Bar

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"Working with Sab has realised our
full potential and enhanced our
personal development. We are
confident that we can now
double our turnover"

Tommy Murphy &
Stephen Fitzgerald,
Knowsley Lifts

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"The advice and coaching has resulted
in 70% plus growth in our business and
has been very beneficial – the proof
has been in the results. We are
currently recruiting two new staff
members to support this"

Jonathan Davies,
MJF Accountancy

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Inspiring business growth throughout the North West


Welcome to Sab Losy Consultancy

Getting this far shows you’re already interested in personal and professional development – coaching and mentoring is the crucial first step.

We’re here to help develop you, to grow your business or become a better manager; to increase your skills, confidence and build a path to your personal version of success.

Coaching’s about helping you create a vision, plans and strategies to achieve them. Read through these questions – if you answer ‘yes’ to any of them, we can help…

 Do you find change difficult?

 Do you have low self-confidence, but know you have what it takes to succeed?

 Do you feel the results you’ve achieved don’t justify your efforts?

 Are you married to your work?

 Are you always busy, and struggle to fit everything in?

 Do you feel you’re not getting the best out of the people around you?

 Have you hit a barrier in your current role, and need to develop the passion and desire to move on?

 Have you gained lots of business experience, but neglected your personal development?

 Do you procrastinate?

 Do you want to be even better?

 Do you have belief that you can improve?

See how we can help your business achieve real growth.

Contact us today

Coaching has numerous benefits, including:

  • Confidential, one-to-one advice
  • Perspective
  • Confidence
  • Encouragement
  • Developing your skills
  • Somewhere to vent
  • Networking
  • Developing methods and strategies
  • Building long-lasting relationships

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting out, an SME, owner manager or professional manager, coaching helps you clarifying your thinking, seeing things differently to create the change you’re looking for.

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